Dental Prosthetics

The advances in dental prosthetics in the last few years have been amazing. The introduction of new and improved denture teeth have moved denture aesthetics into a whole new area.

The laboratory has been using Ivolclar Phonares and Creapearl teeth for a few years and they have offered superior appearance over conventional teeth. However, more recently Schottlander has upgraded its Enigma range of teeth and these are proving extremely popular with many patients.

Please contact the laboratory for more information and mould charts of these new exciting teeth.

Routine Acrylic Work

As with most other dental prosthetic laboratories we are able to offer more routine acrylic work such as repairs and relines as well as tanner appliance and other products.

For more information on our full range of prosthetics please see our fee schedule in our free information pack which you can request by contacting us.

Dental prosthetic work at C & J Dental Technologists in Bolton
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