Immediate Loading All on 4 Dental Implants

This is arguably one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of dentistry at the moment. Immediate loading is the generic term used for the construction of any dental prostheses that is constructed to be loaded onto implants that are fitted on the same day.

We have completed more than 400 immediate load cases to date and travel all over the UK performing this procedure.

Immediate Loading Procedure

The dental technician will attend the clinic on the day of the surgery with a pre-constructed bridge ready to be adapted onto the implants. We are able to work on many different implant systems which offer this technique such as; Nobel Biocare All on 4 Concept, Ankylos Smart Fix and Bredent Fast and Fixed to name a few.

All on 4 Treatment

All on 4 is a surgical treatment that is designed to replace a complete set of upper or lower (or both) compromised dentition.

Usually, four titanium implants are drilled precisely into the jaw in specific positions and angles to help with the restoration element of the procedure. These dental implants provide the foundations for the fixed dental bridge to be supported on.

Prior to the day of surgery, a temporary denture will have been made by C & J Dental Technologists. On the day of surgery the temporary denture is converted in to a screw retained dental bridge.

After a healing period of 3-6 months a definitive bridge will then be constructed. A titanium bar substructure will give strength to the restoration. Then acrylic teeth and gum work or a composite tooth will be designed to be fitted on top of the bar.

All on 4 Results

We find that the all on 4 implant treatment has been very successful on the patients we have treated. For some clients it has been almost life changing, allowing them to eat like they have their own teeth back. Clients have also commented that they feel less self-conscious about smiling and don't worry about their dentures falling out (if worn prior to treatment).

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